David Koster (1992) started studying graphic design on Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, where he discovered his love for film and photography.

After graduating, he went to the Netherlands Film Academy to learn the craft of cinematography, and graduated in 2019. He now works as a cinematographer, mainly on commercial and documentary projects. Aiming and aspiring to tell stories that matter. 

For inquiries, or just a cup of coffee, feel free to contact:

T: 31 6 22746271 

E: hello@david-koster.nl

David has worked for/works with:
G2K Creative Agency, DAYS Film, Monaerk, Season Four, Freshmen Media, Beeldspraak, Jefta Varwijk, Freek Donkers, Noa Kosanovic, Human, NTR, VPRO, 24classics



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